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Performance Analysis Testing (Energy Audits) -

How long does an Analysis take for my home?
The typical Performance Analysis or Energy Audit takes approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours to perform.

(A Commercial Energy Audit could take longer)

What is the cost of an Analysis?
You will need to contact our office for the current pricing.

Do I need to be present during the Analysis?
You do not need to be present during the Analysis, but it would be beneficial to you to be present.

Can my family and pets be in the house during the Analysis?
YES. During the blower door test, all exterior doors and windows will need to be closed, and all interior doors need to be open.

Is there anything I have to do to prepare for the Analysis?
No, except that there can be no large holes in the walls and ceilings (as in renovations or repairs). We also ask that you do not use a wood burning fireplaces or stoves 24 hours before we arrive.

When can I have an Analysis done?
You will need to contact our office for available scheduling times.

What areas do you serve ?
NSpects currently serves the Greater Washington, DC Metropolitan area for Performance Analysis (energy Audits) for residential and commercial. You can contact our offices to find out if we serve your area.

NSpects Energy Star certifications for home builders serves several states. Please contact our offices for further information.



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