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Do you feel that the money you spend for your utility bill is going right out the window?

There is a good chance that your energy costs are going out the window... and out the door, through the walls, the ceiling, and the floor as well. There are cracks all over the place. Your doors and windows don't quite meet their frames; there are tiny spaces where the walls almost join the floor, there are open areas around your electrical and plumbing outlets.

These little gaps leak energy. In fact, about 15% of the energy you use for heating and cooling your home goes to conditioning the air that leaks in through the cracks.

As if that weren't enough, leaking air is unfiltered air, bringing in unwanted moisture, pollen, dust, and can significantly increase carbon monoxide levels in your home if you use fuel to heat your air and water.

Duct Soup

If you ever think about your heating/cooling ducts at all, it's probably because they're in the way when you stack things in the basement... or because you keep banging your head on them.

However, ducts are the critical part of making your home energy efficient. The Department of Energy has estimated that 99% of ducts in homes leak. If they leak 20% to 40% of the air they're moving - and that's not at all unusual - the operating efficiency of your heating and air conditioning equipment is compromised as well.

How we can help

NSpects wants to help make your home as comfortable, energy efficient and healthy as possible.

We have the experience, knowledge and tools to properly test and evaluate your home. Not only can we detect where the air leaks are, we can measure the amount of leakage and translate that into the cost of wasted energy. We'll also take a look at your insulation - not just that which is easily accessible - but that which is hidden, with an infrared camera.

We don't just analyze the existing conditions - we'll make specific recommendations as to what you can do to make your home more comfortable, healthier and possibly save you some money in the process. As an independent accredited company, you can be assured that you are receiving professional, objective and up-to-date information.

Building a new home?

If you are building a new home, look at the EPA's Energy Star® Program for New Homes. NSpects can perform the required testing for homes under construction. If your new home is in the planning stages, we can help with plan reviews to meet the Energy Star® guidelines.

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